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Latin American Political Economy in the Age of Neoliberal Reform: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives for the 1990s

William C. Smith, Carlos H. Acuña, and Eduardo A. Gamarra, editors
ISBN: 978-1-56000-731-9
1994/218 pages/LC: 93-44981
Distributed for the North-South Center Press


In the wake of the failure of neoliberal strategies aimed at market-oriented restructuring to achieve external adjustment, tame hyperinflation, and discipline public sector finance. However, more people are now poorer with only marginal opportunities for equality, and a few people still hold most of the wealth and control productive resources. Frequently, governments have implemented new stabilization and structural adjustment policies autocratically, undermining democratic politics and the broadening of citizens' rights. This volume advocates a fundamental rethinking of central issues in Latin American political economy.

A companion volume by the same editors, Democracy, Markets, and Structural Reform in Latin America, presents specific case studies of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.


Carlos H. Acuña teaches comparative politics at the University of Buenos Aires and is an associate researcher at the Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES) in Argentina. Eduardo A. Gamarra is the acting director of the Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) at Florida International University, where he is associate professor of political science and editor of Hemisphere. William C. Smith teaches Latin American political economy at the Graduate School of International Studies, University of Miami.


  • Market-Oriented Reforms and Democratization in Latin America: Challenges of the 1990s—E.A. Gamarra.
  • he Political Economy of Structural Adjustment: The Logic of Support and Opposition to Neoliberal Reform—C.H. Acuña and W.C. Smith.
  • Convergence and Dissension: Democracy, Markets, and Structural Reform in World Perspective—A.Vacs.
  • Growth and Structural Reform in Latin America: Where We Stand—J.M. Fanelli, R. Frenkel, and G. Rozenwurcel.
  • Politics: A Key for the Long Term in South America—M. Cavarozzi.
  • The State, Democratization, and Some Conceptual Problems (A Latin American View with Glances at Some Post-Communist Countries)—G. O'Donnell.
  • Economic Reforms in New Democracies: A Social-Democratic Approach—L.C. Bresser Pereira, J.M. Maravall, and A. Przeworski.