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Representatives from Lynne Rienner Publishers will attend these upcoming conferences:

August 31-September 3, 2017
American Political Science Association
San Francisco, CA
Lynne Rienner, Sally Glover, and Marie-Claire Antoine will attend.

October 11-15, 2017
Frankfurt Book Fair
Lynne Rienner will attend.

October 13-14, 2017
Joint meeting of the International Studies Association International Security Studies Section and the International Security and Arms Control Section of the American Political Science Association (ISSS/ISAC)
School of International Service at American University, Washington, DC
Marie-Claire Antoine will attend.

November 15-18, 2017
American Society of Criminology
Philadelphia, PA
Alex Holzman and Sally Glover will attend.

November 15-19, 2017
African Studies Association
Chicago, IL
Marie-Claire Antoine and Martha Peacock will attend.

November 18-20, 2017
Middle East Studies Association
Washington, DC
Lynne Rienner will attend.

April 4-7, 2018
International Studies Association
San Francisco, CA