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Founded in 1984, Lynne Rienner Publishers remains a rare, independent presence in scholarly and textbook publishing.

“Independent” means a lot of different things to us: Taking chances on new ideas. Being free of the restrictions of corporate headquarters or lenders. Publishing each book with care, from the external review process ... to professional copyediting, typesetting, and proofreading, all done locally ... to quality manufacturing ... to thorough promotion and worldwide distribution. We are also determined to keep our prices as low as possible.

Where we are not independent is in our relationship with the community of people whom we publish, and publish for. One of the aspects of publishing that all of us here love most is being part of that international, interdependent community.

We would be delighted to talk with you about your next book project, or about publishing in general.

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But first, keep reading to learn about:

Our Personal Approach

We are always available to answer your questions—whether about the fit of a book proposal, the production schedule for your book, the possibility of getting a flier to you for a last-minute conference/workshop, or an entry on your royalty statement. We see publishing as a partnership, an idea that we take very seriously.

Our Effective and Efficient Processes

Publishing your book should not be a painful process for you. We make a point of working efficiently and quickly, while maintaining the highest standards. Our internal review of a proposal takes about three weeks. Obtaining external reviews of your complete manuscript typically takes about four months. With a final manuscript in hand, our production process, from copyediting to bound books, takes six to seven months (or less, with your cooperation!).


Our Commitment to Quality

Our exacting standards are not only reflected in our rigorous peer-review process. They also extend to all stages of production, which are handled by a team of local professionals.


Our Book Prices

We are committed to keeping our book prices as low as possible, so that libraries and individuals can actually afford them. Our paperbacks (and ebook equivalents) typically are $25–$38.50, and our hardcovers (and ebook equivalents) typically $95–$115. For most of our specialized monographs, we publish first in hardcover, with a paperback edition following within twelve to eighteen months. And our Text-in-Time® program allows us to make hardcover books available immediately in print-on-demand paperback editions at prices suitable for course use.

In addition, you can now rent our ebooks—hardcovers and paperbacks alike—at just a fraction of the list price. Rentals are available through RedShelf ( E-editions of hardcovers can be rented for $15 (30 days), $25 (60 days), or $35 (90 days). E-editions of paperbacks can be rented in the range of $15–$30 (for 90 or 180 days).

Our Global Approach to Marketing

We are known for our extensive promotion of our books around the world—and we consider our authors our partners in these efforts.

• We advertise all of our publications in our many catalogs and brochures, as well as on our website and in key periodicals. (Click here to browse our catalogs.)

• We have a strong presence at major academic conferences in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as at a number of regional conferences. 

• Sending out review copies is an important part of our marketing program, and we have an extensive database of review media. In addition, to make sure that we reach the appropriate audience, we will ask you to suggest the media that are most important for reviewing your book.

• For each new book that we publish, we send an e-announcement to our extensive email list. We are also active on social media and announce the publication of each book on Facebook and Twitter.

• We will provide you with print and digital versions of a special flyer for your own book. (In the case of hardcover titles, the flyer will offer the book at a 50 percent discount.)

• We are active in selling translation and copublication rights.

• And we are eager to take advantage of any other promotional opportunities that arise!


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