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Hack with a Grenade: An Editor’s Backstories of SA News

Gasant Abarder
Hack with a Grenade offers a newspaper editor's perspective on the characters that shape South Africa's psyche. In a book that is one part humor and one part social commentary, Gasant Abarder draws on his broad experiences as a journalist to tackle such issues as religion, prejudice, and injustice. Sharing tales of his encounters with people from all walks of life, he slyly encourages  More >

Syria’s Economy and the Transition Paradigm

Samer Abboud and Ferdinand Arslanian
Exploring the recent trajectory of Syria's economy, the authors consider the utility of the transition paradigm—developed to study change in the former communist states—as an explanatory approach. In the first part of the book, Samer Abboud examines Syria's shift to a "social market economy," focusing on similarities in and differences between the Syrian and  More >

Syrian Foreign Trade and Economic Reform

Samer Abboud and Salam Said
Does Syria's external trade policy have any significant impact on its internal process of economic reform? Against the backdrop of this question, the authors focus on the country’s engagement with two free-trade regimes—the EU-Mediterranean partnership and GAFTA—as well as on its involvement in several bilateral agreements. They also look specifically at the impact of trade  More >

Mediation and Governance in Fragile Contexts: Small Steps to Peace

Dekha Ibrahim Abdi and Simon J. A. Mason
The result of a long collaboration between a Kenyan-Somali mediator and a Swiss scholar-practitioner, Mediation and Governance in Fragile Contexts introduces an innovative, practical approach to resolving an enduring issue: How can conflicts be resolved in polarized societies? This approach breaks out of the insider/outsider dichotomy to develop a framework for achieving peace in the most  More >

Fields of Fig and Olive: Ameera and Other Stories of the Middle East

Kathryn K. Abdul-Baki
Abdul-Baki’s stories, set in Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, and Jerusalem, explore the themes of young women coming of age, the effects of civil war, and differences between East and West.  More >

Tower of Dreams [a novel]

Kathryn K. Abdul-Baki
An innocent yet stinging—and always absorbing—account of the lives of two young expatriate girls in Kuwait in the 1960s. Isabel, the red-headed daughter of an American mother and Arab father, befriends Laila, whose family has left the lush, cool mountains of Lebanon in search of a better life in the heat and desert of Kuwait. Abdul-Baki presents the voices of both girls, telling their  More >

Unintended Consequences in Transitional Justice: Social Recovery at the Local Level

Toshihiro Abe
Though transitional justice has been hailed by many as the best path toward reconciliation and stability in postconflict and democratizing societies, criticisms of the approach also abound, with a significant number of TJ programs labeled failures. What accounts for this difference of opinion? How is success measured? Have the societies that sought to implement a plan for TJ followed the  More >

Tragedy and Metatheatre: Essays on Dramatic Form

Lionel Abel
Lionel Abel's original Metatheatre, now published in the company of new essays, has inspired a whole generation of playwrights and critics since it first appeared in 1963. Indeed, to insiders the very word "metatheatre," coined by Lionel Abel, has become as familiar as the plays the author uses to exemplify his theory. Abel's basic premise is that 'tragedy is difficult if not  More >

Inventing Local Democracy: Grassroots Politics in Brazil

Rebecca Neaera Abers
Countless studies of citizen participation in public decisionmaking point out the limitations of direct democracy when it is transported from the realm of political theory into the "real world." In contrast, this book examines a case where an innovative city government gave major decisionmaking power to ordinary citizens on a large scale—and managed to survive and prosper. Since  More >

Renovating Politics in Contemporary Vietnam

Zachary Abuza
Moving from the 1950s to the present, Zachary Abuza explores Vietnamese politics and culture through the lens of the internal debates over political reform. Abuza focuses on issues of representation, intellectual freedom, the rise of civil society, and the emergence of a "loyal opposition," assessing the prospects for change. He finds that, while some mildly dissident groups may add  More >
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