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A Primer in the Politics of Criminal Justice, 2nd edition

Nancy E. Marion
A Primer in the Politics of Criminal Justice, 2nd edition
ISBN: 978-1-881798-79-8
2007/257 pages
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"Professor Marion has done a masterful job of presenting the confluence of political science and criminal justice in a short and highly informative work. Her book is truly deserving of its title as the definitive primer on the subject."—Willard M. Oliver, Sam Houston State University


How does politics shape US government policies to control crime? How does the criminal justice system affect the activities of political actors? This lively text provides an overview of crime as a political issue and the impact of politics on US policymaking in the field of criminal justice. Recent policy responses to internet-related crimes are used as real-world examples of the political processes discussed in each chapter.


Nancy E. Marion is professor of political science at the University of Akron.


  • Foreword—Willard M. Oliver.
  • Introduction. Campaigns, Elections, and Criminal Justice.
  • Chief Executives and Criminal Justice.
  • Congress, State Legislatures, and Criminal Justice.
  • Courts and Criminal Justice.
  • Bureaucracies and Criminal Justice.
  • Interest Groups and Criminal Justice.
  • The Media, Public Opinion and Criminal Justice.
  • Conclusion.