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Adult Corrections: International Systems and Perspectives

John A. Winterdyk, editor
Adult Corrections: International Systems and Perspectives
ISBN: 978-1-881798-50-7
ISBN: 978-1-62637-881-0
2004/369 pages
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"This volume represents an important contribution to the field of comparative corrections. It is a unique collection that provides valuable information on jurisdictions that have hitherto been overlooked in the literature."—Julian Roberts, University of Ottawa

"This book is a superb engagement that finally moves correctional research well beyond its ethnocentric borders toward a more inclusionary framework of comparative thought."—Livy Visano, York University

 "This book was designed and intended to be a textbook for use in graduate courses in criminal justice or criminology. It clearly meets its goals in that regard. Each chapter contains a set of provocative questions for student discussion as well as Web links to relevant data sources."—Magnus Seng, International Criminal Justice Review


In this text, prominent resident scholars present comprehensive overviews of the adult corrections systems of Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, India, Iran, Japan, Namibia, Romania and the US. These national profiles provide a rare comparative and international perspective on corrections trends, issues and problems. The national profiles are complemented by the editor's introduction and glossary.


John A. Winterdyk is a professor in the Department of Justice Studies at Mount Royal College. He serves as the editor of the International Journal of Comparative Criminology, and he has edited several anthologies on comparative criminal justice.