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Africa’s Cause Must Triumph: The Collected Writings of A.P. Mda

Robert Edgar and Luyanda ka Msumza, editors
Africa’s Cause Must Triumph: The Collected Writings of A.P. Mda
ISBN: 978-1-928246-27-5
2018/437 pages
Distributed for Best Red, an imprint of HSRC Press


A founding member of the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League, A.P. Mda was known for his passionate advocacy of African nationalism and his support for armed struggle against apartheid in the 1950s. Many of his peers considered him the foremost intellectual and strategist of their generation.

Robert Edgar and Luyanda ka Msumza trace Mda's life from his early years through his three decades of exile in Basutoland/Lesotho to his death in 1993. They also present the rich written record that Mda left behind—in his letters, essays, political tracts and speeches, and letters to colleagues—charting the evolution of his views throughout his life not only on politics, but also on culture, language, literature, music, religion, and education.


Robert Edgar is professor emeritus of African Studies at Howard University and senior fellow in the Department of History at Stellenbosch University. Luyanda ka Msumza works on peace and development issues in South Africa.