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African Foreign Policies: Power and Process

Gilbert M. Khadiagala and Terrence Lyons, editors
African Foreign Policies: Power and Process
ISBN: 978-1-55587-990-7
ISBN: 978-1-55587-966-2
2001/247 pages/LC: 2001019071
SAIS African Studies Library

"A very useful addition to the literature in the area of comparative foreign policies of African states."—Seifudein Adem, Journal of Modern African Studies

"A valuable text for students in this field."—Foreign Affairs


This comprehensive treatment of the interplay between domestic and international politics analyzes efforts by African states to manage their external relations amid seismic shifts in the internal, regional, and global environments. The authors' nuanced analysis of foreign policy issues and themes traverses the continent, identifying patterns of change, examining constraints, and giving careful attention to the processes that so powerfully influence policy outcomes.


Gilbert M. Khadiagala is Jan Smuts Professor of International Relations at the University of Witswatersand. His numerous publications include Allies in Adversity: The Frontline States in Southern Africa Security, Sudan: The Elusive Quest for Peace (with Ruth Iyob), and Security Dynamics in Africa's Great Lakes Region. Terrence Lyons is professor in the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. His publications include Voting for Peace: Postconflict Elections in Liberia and Sovereignty as Responsibility: Conflict Management in Africa.


  • Foreign Policy Making in Africa: An Introduction—the Editors.
  • Foreign Policy Decisionmaking in Anglophone West Africa—C.A. Adibe.
  • New Directions in Francophone West Africa—P.J. Schraeder.
  • Foreign Policy Making in Central Africa: The Imperative of Regime Security in a New Context—J.F. Clark.
  • Foreign Policy Making in the Great Lakes Region—R. Lemarchand.
  • The Foreign Policy of the Horn: The Clash Between the Old and the New—R. Iyob.
  • Foreign Policy Decisionmaking in Southern Africa's Fading Frontline—G.M. Khadiagala.
  • South African Foreign Policy Decisionmaking in the African Context—D. Venter.
  • External Relations of Weak States and Stateless Regions in Africa—W. Reno.
  • Conclusion: African Foreign Policy Making at the Millennium—the Editors.