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African Voices: In Search of a Decolonial Turn

Siphamandla Zondi
African Voices: In Search of a Decolonial Turn
ISBN: 978-0-7983-0531-0
2021/346 pages
Distributed for AISA, an imprint of HSRC Press
"A bold and significant attempt at mainstreaming African contributions to debates [about Africa] in their own right, rather than as merely reactive—and colonized—perspectives." —Eghosa E. Osaghae, University of Ibadan

"Unequivocally quashes myths long reified that African scholarship needs to be validated elsewhere.... A must read!" —Kelo Segobyye, Namibia University of Science and Technology

"An authoritative compendium about African scholars of note who have succinctly articulated the African viewpoint whether in contrast to or critique of Eurocentrism." —Catherine A. Odora Hoppers, UNISA


What does it mean to decolonize knowledge ... in the university, the school, the library, the museum? In the context of this question, Siphamandla Zondi explores the contributions of African thinkers and actors to what Paul Tiyambe Zeleza calls recentering Africa in discussions about major African phenomena. His book is sure to stimulate further conversations about the many other African voices engaged in epistemic disobedience.


Siphamandla Zondi is professor of politics and international relations at the University of Johannesburg.


  • An Argument for Revisiting African Voices in Search of a Decolonial Turn.
  • Mahmood Mamdani's Contribution to Rethinking Thinking on Africa.
  • From North Africa to Europe: Almohadism, Ibn Rushd, and Rationalizing Reform.
  • "The Camel Can Never See Its Own Hump": Metahumanism in the Fiction of Ibrahim al-Koni.
  • A Dialogue of Civilizations: A Decolonial Reading of Chinua Achebe.
  • On African American Consciousness of Africa: Reading Bernard Magubane's The Ties That Bind.
  • African Self-Reliance, Self-Determination, Unity, and Repatriation: Reflections on Marcus Garvey.
  • Africanity as Self-Assertion, Self-Affirmation, and Self-Determination: The Legacy of Archie Mafeje.
  • [Re]Visiting Molefe Kete Asante's Theory of Afrocentricity.
  • Ad Fontes: The Divergent African Political Aesthetics of Steve Biko, Sédar Senghor, and Taha Hussein.
  • Wangari Maathai's Afrocentric Decolonial Environmentalist Struggle.
  • Claude Ake's Critical Thinking About African Democracy.
  • Daring African Resolutions to African Problems: Insight from Ali Mazrui.
  • The Manichean Structure and Fanon in Post-1994 South Africa.
  • The Weapon of Theory: Some Cabralian Theses on the African Political Predicament.
  • I.B. Tabata on the Purpose, Trajectory, and Limitations of the Liberation Struggle.
  • Adebayo Adedeji on Africa's Regional Integration and Self-Reliance.