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After Homicide: Victims’ Families in the Criminal Justice System

Sarah Goodrum
After Homicide: Victims’ Families in the Criminal Justice System
ISBN: 978-1-62637-832-2
Forthcoming October 2019/220 pages
"An important contribution.... Goodrum offers a detailed and nuanced look at the relationships of victims' families with the full range of actors in the justice system. Her findings are significant both for sociologists and for those who work with families bereaved by murder." —Margaret Vandiver, University of Memphis


In After Homicide, Sarah Goodrum explores what the families of murder victims confront as they encounter the multiple members of the criminal justice system—police officers and counselors, prosecutors and judges, and more.

Goodrum traces each step of a murder investigation and trial, and also deals with situations where no arrests are made and those where the perpetrator commits suicide at the scene of the crime. Based on extensive field research, her book is a uniquely comprehensive look at how the families of victims are helped, and sometimes hindered, by the justice system.


Sarah Goodrum is associate professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Northern Colorado.


  • After Homicide.
  • The News Is Delivered.
  • The Police Investigate.
  • Prosecutors Take Over.
  • Crisis Counselors Intervene.
  • Awaiting and Enduring the Trial.
  • Searching for Meaning.
  • Seeking and Surviving Justice.