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After the Peace: Resistance and Reconciliation

Robert L. Rothstein, editor
ISBN: 978-1-55587-828-3
1999/266 pages/LC: 98-47374


The fragile peace agreements that have in the post–Cold War years sought to resolve protracted conflicts fall well short of being genuine, stable settlements. This volume is concerned with how those agreements might be strengthened and, especially, how best to conceptualize the period after a tentative peace has been negotiated.

Six case studies explore three major conflicts from differing perspectives: Northern Ireland is discussed by Catholic and Protestant scholars, and Palestinian and Israeli researchers examine the Arab-Israeli relationship. Bosnia and the Dayton accords are addressed in the third set of cases.

The concluding section of the book focuses on more general aspects of peacemaking and peacebuilding, incorporating psychological, moral, and political approaches. In the final chapter, Rothstein suggests that attention to the ways in which the pre- and postpeace periods are different might inform a carefully constructed strategy with the potential to transform a tentative settlement into the reconciliation of ancient enemies.


Robert L. Rothstein is Harvey Picker Professor of International Relations, Colgate University. He is author of The Third World and U.S. Foreign Policy: Cooperation and Conflict in the 1980s and editor of The Evolution of Theory in International Relations.


  • After the Peace: Getting Past Maybe—R.L. Rothstein.
  • The Internal Consequences of Unstable Peace: Psychological and Political Responses of the Palestinians—K. Shikaki.
  • The Oslo Accords: Toward Arab-Jewish Reconciliation—M. Ma’oz.
  • The Anglo-Irish Peace Process: Obstacles to Reconciliation—P. Arthur.
  • Seeking Peace Amidst the Memories of War: Learning from the Peace Process in Northern Ireland—D. Morrow.
  • Bosnia After Dayton: Transforming a Compromise into a State—S.L. Woodward.
  • Reflections on a Schizophrenic Peace—D. Doder.
  • Transforming the Relationship Between Former Enemies: A Social-Psychological Analysis—H.C. Kelman.
  • Long Road to Reconciliation: Some Moral Steppingstones—D.W. Shriver, Jr.
  • Fragile Peace and Its Aftermath—R.L. Rothstein.