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Afterimages: A Family Memoir

Carol Ascher
Afterimages: A Family Memoir
ISBN: 978-0-8419-1449-0
ISBN: 978-0-8419-1701-9
2006/208 pages/LC: 2007046937
Distributed for Holmes & Meier Publishers

"Carol Ascher has created a wonderful book, full of sadness and hope, sometimes even humor derived from pain and suffering—a true masterwork."—Gert Niers, Modern Austrian Literature

"A moving, compelling, and beautifully written family memoir, Afterimages sheds new and important light on refugee displacement, emigration, and the continuing legacy of the Holocaust for those who come after the event but continue to live in its unending shadow. [Ascher] takes us along on her fascinating quest to unravel the complex strands of her family's ... history in Europe before the war, and the powerful 'afterimage' of that history as it affected her and her siblings throughout their lives in the United States."—Leo Spitzer, author of Hotel Bolivia: The Culture of Memory in a Refuge from Nazism

"In this probing, well-written memoir that takes her across two continents, from the Midwest of her own childhood to the Europe of her parents' growing up, Carol Ascher ... explores with much psychological insight the unsettling legacy of Nazi persecution on her complicated immigrant family and ultimately on herself."—Alix Kates Shulman, author of Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen and A Good Enough Daughter

"[Ascher] helps us understand her family, but also the many European/Jewish families who became a part of Kansas and the Midwest during World War II."—Thomas Fox Averill, Kansas History


In her moving reflection on growing up as the daughter of refugees from Hitler's Europe, Carol Ascher explores the conflicts of an émigré childhood and chronicles her return to Vienna to uncover her father's roots.


Carol Ascher has published six books, including The Flood, a novel, and Simone de Beauvoir: A Life of Freedom. She has received numerous literary awards and her work has been translated into German, French, and Portuguese.