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Agriculture and Reform in Syria

Raymond Hinnebusch, Atieh El Hindi, Mounzer Khaddam, and Myriam Ababsa
Agriculture and Reform in Syria
ISBN: 978-0-9559687-7-8
2010/114 pages
St Andrews Papers on Contemporary Syria
Distributed for the University of St Andrews Centre for Syrian Studies


How have recent economic reforms affected Syria's agricultural sector? Addressing this question, the authors give particular attention to the implications of the reforms for rural society.


Raymond Hinnebusch is professor of international relations and Middle East politics at the University of St Andrews. Atieh El Hindi is director of Syria's National Agricultural Policy Center. Mounzer Khaddam is professor of agricultural economics at Tishreen University. Myriam Ababsa is research fellow and social geographer at the French Institute for the Near East.


  • Preface—R. Hinnebusch.
  • The Baath's Agrarian Revolution (1963-2000)—R. Hinnebusch.
  • Syria's Agricultural Sector: Situation, Role, Challenges, and Prospects—A. El Hindi.
  • Syrian Agriculture Between Reality and Potential—M. Khaddam.
  • Agrarian Counter Reform in Syria (2000-2010)—M. Ababsa.