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All Her Paths Are Peace: Women Pioneers in Peacemaking

Michael Henderson
All Her Paths Are Peace: Women Pioneers in Peacemaking
ISBN: 978-1-56549-034-5
1994/175 pages/LC: 94-14748
A Kumarian Press Book
"What Michael Henderson so powerfully and eloquently teaches us is that we all have the ability to play the roles of peacemaker and reconciler. The women he shows are not at first glance extraordinary people, they are ordinary women who rise to meet extraordinary challenges."—Naomi Tutu, daughter of Archbishop  Desmond Tutu

"An inspiring and powerful work! Michael Henderson brings together a cornucopia of women who are role models for all of us."—Barbara Roberts, former governor of Oregon


To many, governments around the world seem incapable of making the new world order anything but the new world ordeal. But in All Her Paths Are Peace, Michael Henderson portrays maverick women whose daring acts have made a difference. From Japan to Brazil, from Northern Ireland to the United States, he relates their gripping stories and depicts the practical yet often risky steps each woman took to resolve the conflict facing her.

Among the sixteen women you'll meet are Renee Pan, a Cambodian, who reaches out to the Khmer Rouge who killed her family, and Audrey Burton and Edith Staton who work to heal race relations in the United States.These innovators come from diverse lifestyles, but as they choose their separate paths, they all light the way to peace.


Born in England, Michael Henderson is a freelance journalist, author, and commentator on public radio stations in Oregon. His is a recipient of national and local awards for his radio commentaries and newspaper columns. He is also the author of five books, including Hope for a Change: Commentaries by an Optimistic Realist.


  • Foreword—the Dalai Lama
  • Creators of Peace.
  • Recipe for Reconciliation.
  • For the Love of Tomorrow.
  • Freeing Up Some Megabytes.
  • These Terrible Times.
  • Pink Envelopes.
  • Healing History.
  • A Woman Called Alice.
  • Our Saidie.
  • A Yen to Serve.
  • Sisters of Courage.
  • Homesick Elephants.
  • The Other Side of the Coin.
  • From Vision to Action.
  • Appendix.