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Arms Control and Cooperative Security

Jeffrey A. Larsen and James J. Wirtz, editors
Arms Control and Cooperative Security
ISBN: 978-1-58826-684-2
ISBN: 978-1-58826-660-6
2009/288 pages/LC: 2009002522
"Accessible, provocative, and informative."—James H. Lebovic, International Studies Review

"The authors comprise an ideal mix of scholars and practitioners and address nearly every aspect of arms control."—Martin E. Goldstein, Widener University

"Not only provides the reader with a solid grounding on past achievements, but also charts future directions that arms control likely will take to advance cooperative security.... This book is a must for personal and professional libraries and foreign policy and national security courses."—Paul R. Viotti, University of Denver

"A valuable primer for those unfamiliar with the field and a handy and concise resource for those more in tune with the realities of arms control in the new century."—John H. Modinger, Strategic Studies Quarterly


Reflecting the ongoing debate about the value of traditional arms control in today’s security environment, Arms Control and Cooperative Security thoroughly covers this complex topic.

The authors critically review the historical record, highlight recent changes in the security arena, and consider the likelihood of new arms control agreements. Throughout, the discussion is presented in the context of current events in international relations. The result is a comprehensive assessment of the present state and likely future of arms control and cooperative security—especially relevant as many of the treaties crafted during the Cold War are nearing their expiration dates.


Jeffrey A. Larsen is research professor in the Department of National Security Affairs at the US Naval Postgraduate director of research at the NATO Defense College in Rome. James J. Wirtz is dean of the School of International Graduate Studies and professor of national security affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School.


  • Foreword—R.F. Lehman II.
  • An Introduction to Arms Control and Cooperative Security—J.A. Larsen.
  • A Brief History of Arms Control—J.M. Smith.
  • The Evolving International Context—K.M. Kartchner.
  • The Changing Domestic Politics of the Arms Control Process—J.E. Sims.
  • New Directions in Strategic Nuclear Arms Control—F.E. Waller, Jr.
  • The Future of the Nonproliferation Regime—L.S. Spector.
  • Regional Perspectives on Arms Control—M. Moodie.
  • The Role of Cooperative Security—L.A. Dunn.
  • Beyond Arms Control: New Initiatives to Meet New Threats—G.B. Roberts.
  • Arms Control, Universality, and International Norms—R.E. Johnson.
  • The New Cooperative Security Paradigm—J.J. Wirtz.