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Asia's New Regionalism

Ellen L. Frost
Asia's New Regionalism
ISBN: 978-1-58826-554-8
ISBN: 978-1-58826-579-1
2008/293 pages/LC: 2007031851
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"Recommended for anyone seeking an introduction to the region and its institutional evolution."—Mark Beeson, Pacific Affairs

"An original and important contribution.... [There are] different ways of thinking about Asia’s new regionalism. Ellen Frost offers one of the most interesting and innovative."—John Miller, Contemporary Southeast Asia

"A timely and interesting book.... A must-read for those interested in the seemingly amorphous and elusive Asian regionalism."—Lanxin Xiang, Survival

"This is an important and original argument. Engaging, compelling, and comprehensive, it provides a valuable contribution to our understanding of the changing dynamics of Asian regionalism."—T.J. Pempel, University of California, Berkeley

"Frost offers a comprehensive perspective on Asian integration, drawing on history, politics, and geography. Her narrative is crisp and enjoyable, and her analysis insightful."—Saori Katada, University of Southern California

"Frost expertly elaborates on achievements of regionalism in Asia, in particular with an in-depth analysis of ... ASEAN."—Zahid Shahab Ahmed, Journal of South Asian Development


As the political drive to establish closer ties among Asian governments continues to gain momentum, there has been much debate about the realities of Asian regionalism. Does the community-building activity in fact signal the birth of "Asia Major"? What are the obstacles to integration? And is integration a positive trend for the region and for external actors? Sifting rhetoric from fact, Ellen Frost offers a nuanced analysis of the political, economic, and strategic issues at stake. 

A central theme in Asia's New Regionalism is the link between integration driven by governments for political and security reasons and integration fueled by ethnic, cultural, and economic ties. Frost's exploration of these sometimes mismatched dynamics highlights critical implications for policies both in the region and globally.


Ellen L. Frost is visiting distinguished research fellow at National Defense University and also adjunct senior fellow at the East West Center. She is author of For Richer, For Poorer: The New US-Japan Relationship and Transatlantic Trade: A Strategic Trade Agenda.


  • Asia's New Momentum.
  • Remapping Asia.
  • The Legacy of Maritime Asia.
  • The Great Revival.
  • Individuals as Spontaneous Integrators.
  • Sources of the Asian Integration Movement.
  • The Architecture of Regional Integration.
  • Trade, Finance, and the Politics of Regionalism.
  • Foreign Policy and Security Cooperation.
  • Assessing the Promise of Integration.
  • Current Obstacles and Potential Threats.
  • Looking to the Future.