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Asian Perspective

Carla P. Freeman, editor
Asian Perspective
ISSN: 0258-9184
ISSN: 0258-9184
Volume 42, #1-4, 2018/176 pages per issue
Published Quarterly
"For fine-grained and timely critical analysis of recent developments in Northeast Asia (particularly Korea), Asian Perspective is among the best in the world.  See in particular its special issues, which provide encyclopedic treatment of relevant current issues." —Lowell Dittmer

"Asian Perspective provides timely analyses on important topics pertaining to important trends and developments in the region. Its articles are informative and accessible and offer rich insights for developing prudent and wise policies."—Steve Chan, University of Colorado at Boulder

"Combines depth and topicality, and it deserves to be known and read widely."—Andrei Lankov

"Asian Perspective consistently publishes the highest quality scholarship on contemporary politics and international relations in the Asia Pacific."—Charles E. Ziegler

"Asian Perspective is one of the world's leading publications on contemporary East Asian affairs. As a respected and widely read journal offering high-quality contributions on a wide range of topics, it has become an indispensable resource for me and my students."—Rüdiger Frank, University of Vienna

"A superb journal with a comprehensive view of Asian politics and political economy."—Joel R. Campbell, Troy University

"Intelligently designed to explore cutting-edge issues.... Its special issues and clusters of articles are timely additions to scholarship respectful of diverse opinions."—Gilbert Rozman, Princeton University

"A critically important source.... Its topflight articles by leading scholars inform and shape debate on today's most important issues, and I use them regularly in my own teaching and research."—Scott W. Harold, Georgetown University

"Brings together major perspectives from and about Asia that should not be missed by anyone who wishes to understand this important world region."— J.J. Suh, Johns Hopkins University

"Has established an excellent record of covering the salient and emerging issues in this dynamic world region."—Robert Sutter, George Washington University

"An essential source for those who want to understand the 'why' behind the major political, security, and social challenges facing East Asia today."—Scott Snyder, Asia Foundation

"Asian Perspective gives what it implies—the Asian view as a counter weight to popular western media. As such it is indispensable reading for thorough and balanced social science scholars."— Mark Valencia, The Nautilus Institute

"An indispensable guide to the latest scholarship on the politics, economics, and security issues of the region. This truly trans-Pacific effort is a must-read for scholars, journalists, and anyone who cares about what is happening in the most dynamic part of the world."—John Feffer, Foreign Policy In Focus

"Indispensable reading for scholars, students, and policymakers."—Samuel Kim, Columbia University

"Publishes the best of Asian and Western scholars as they grapple with the most pressing problems of the day."—Peter Van Ness, Australian National University

"Asian Perspective is an essential source of insightful analyses and critical perspectives on Northeast Asia, particularly China and the two Koreas."—Dali Yang, University of Chicago


Asian Perspective presents critical analysis of the global, regional, and transnational issues affecting Northeast Asia. The journal brings cogent, thought-provoking examination of the significant developments in Asia and the world and promotes a healthy exchange of ideas among scholars, students, and policymakers.

Published in association with the Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University, and the Hatfield School of Government, Portland State University.

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