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Asian American Racial Realities in Black and White

Bruce Calvin Hoskins
Asian American Racial Realities in Black and White
ISBN: 978-1-935049-39-5
2011/164 pages/LC: 2011018512
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"Insightful, provocative, persuasive.... An important contribution to our understanding of the complex dynamics and sociological implications of identity formation on multiracial individuals of Asian American descent."—G. Reginald Daniel, University of California, Santa Barbara


What does it mean for an Asian American to be part white—or part black? Bruce Hoskins probes the experience of biracial Asian Americans, revealing the ways that our discourse about multiracial identities too often reinforces racial hierarchies.

Hoskins explores the everyday lives of people of Asian/white and Asian/black heritage to uncover the role of our society's white-black continuum in shaping racial identity. Mixing intimate personal stories with cutting-edge theoretical analysis, he directly confronts the notion that multiracial identity provides an easy solution for our society's racial stratification.


Bruce Calvin Hoskins is professor of sociology at MiraCosta College.


  • Introduction.
  • Internal Racial Identity.
  • External Racial Identity.
  • The External Context of Racial Identity Formation.
  • Learning Racial Hierarchy.
  • Conclusion.
  • Appendixes.