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Being Female: The Continuum of Sexualization

Jennifer K. Wesely
Being Female: The Continuum of Sexualization
ISBN: 978-1-58826-832-7
2011/171 pages/LC: 2011034703
"Comprehensive and definitive…. A convincing argument that the continuum of sexualization is a crucial element of gender oppression and part of the lived experience of girls and women."—Emily Gaarder, University of Minnesota-Duluth


It is often said that sex sells, but who pays the price? Jennifer Wesely probes the sources and consequences of sexualization in girls' and women's lives. Offering new insights into an enduring problem, she documents the increasingly pervasive and powerful nature of raunch culture and demonstrates how females are being sexualized in ways that are more extreme and damaging than ever before.


Jennifer K. Wesely is associate professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of North Florida.


  • The Continuum of Sexualization.
  • Gender Socialization in Today's Culture.
  • The Processes of Sexualization.
  • Personal and Social Consequences.
  • Tracing Pathways to Victimization.
  • How Can We Stop Failing Girls and Women?
  • A Challenge to Our Society.
  • Appendix: Methods for Qualitative Interviews.