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Better Governance and Public Policy: Capacity Building for Democratic Renewal in Africa

Dele Olowu and Soumana Sako, editors
Better Governance and Public Policy: Capacity Building for Democratic Renewal in Africa
ISBN: 978-1-56549-161-8
2003/244 pages/LC: 2002153520
A Kumarian Press Book
"Neither pessimistic nor optimistic, just a realistic assessment of Africa's opportunities and challenges for good governance, democratization, and capacity development as it prepares for the twenty-first century."—Moses N. Kiggundu, Carleton University

"An important contribution to our understanding of the relationship between good governance and an effective policy process, and the extent to which efforts directed at building capacities in support of the twin objectives are yielding fruits."—Gelase Mutahaba, Policy Adviser, Civil Service Department, Tanzania

"A great testimony to African scholarship that is coming into its own, and a significant contribution to the body of intellectual literature that deals with governance issues on the African continent."—The Honourable Geraldine Fraser–Moleketi, South Africa

"Provides a road map for ensuring that good governance results in better living standards for all."—Lapido Adamolekun, World Bank


Exploring the relationship between governance and development policy, the authors of this collection describe recent governance changes in a range of African countries, analyze the consequences of those changes for institutional reforms, and highlight the challenges involved in consolidating ongoing processes of economic liberalization and democratization.


Dele Olowu heads the Public Policy and Administration Program at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. Soumana Sako, an economist who specializes in development management, has served as Mali's prime minister and minister of finance and commerce.


  • Introduction: Governance and Policy Management Capacity in Africa—D. Olowu.
  • Comparing Governance Across Countries and Over Time: Conceptual Challenges—G. Hyden and J. Court.
  • On Common Good and Good Governance: An Alternative Approach—O.P. Dwivedi.
  • Governance, Institutional Reforms, and Policy Processes in Africa: Research and Capacity-Building Implications—D. Olowu.
  • The Public-Private Sector Interface—The ACBF Perspective—S. Sako.
  • The ACBF-PACT Model As a Best Practice Model for Capacity Building—G. Ogiogio and G. Ongile.
  • Governance and Policy Analysis—V. Moharir.
  • European Union Environmental Regulations and Their Potential Impact on market Access for Africa’s Exports—P. B. Mihyo.
  • Environmental Governance, Policies, and Politics in Eastern and Southern Africa—M.A. Mohamed Salih.
  • Policy Process in a Democratic Context: A Glimpse at Nigeria’s Privatization Program—E.E. Otobo.
  • Governance, Institutional Reforms, and Policy Outcomes in Ghana—J. Ayee.
  • Economic Policy Research, Governance, and Economic Development: The Case of Namibia—D. Hansohm.
  • Governance and Local Government Reforms in Zambia’s Third Republic—R.M. Mukwena and P.K. Lolojih.