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Beyond Containment: Reconstructing European Security

Kim Edward Spiezio
ISBN: 978-1-55587-451-3
1995/157 pages/LC: 94-20271
"A superb analytic achievement, written in a most accessible fashion."—Charles Doran


This study advances a novel argument about the difficulties the major powers of Europe are likely to encounter in attempting the multilateral management of regional security problems.

Spiezio contends that democratic powers are poorly suited to participate in a collective-security regime because they are characterized by domestic political constraints that would inhibit them from honoring the commitments associated with such a regime. Thus, Europe's nascent collective security system is likely to be plagued by repeated acts of buck-passing. This possibility, in turn, holds important implications for the future of both the European state system and the U.S. post-Cold War strategy of promoting democratization, marketization, and regional integration in Europe.


Kim Edward Spiezio is assistant professor of political science at Cedar Crest College.


  • Introduction.
  • The Grand Strategy of Institutionalization.
  • Building a New Security Architecture in Europe.
  • Europe's Nascent Collective Security System.
  • Democracies, Peace, and Paralysis.
  • The United States and the Isolationist Impulse.