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Biko: Philosophy, Identity, and Liberation

Mabogo Percy More
Biko: Philosophy, Identity, and Liberation
ISBN: 978-0-7969-2571-8
2017/306 pages
Distributed for HSRC Press
"A major contribution to South African philosophy and our understanding of the drama of oppression and resistance. It will be read, taught and discussed, here and abroad, for many years to come." —Richard Pithouse, Rhodes University

"More has added a much needed intellectual substance to the many volumes of work on Steve Biko and Black Consciousness in South Africa....  This is an essential text for every student and activist, and required reading at our universities."  —N. Barney Pityana, University of South Africa

"Incisive, insistent, and insightful.... a valid confirmatory reflection that gives Biko his rightful philosophical standing in the Africana existentialist tradition. Biko will continue to stand as a canon because at each juncture it excavates and illuminates the figure that still haunts the aintiblack world." —Tendayi Sithole, University of South Africa


Why write a new book about Steve Biko? Are there untapped lessons to be learned or principles to be gleaned from Biko’s work? As he answers these questions, Mabogo More presents an unparalleled critique of Biko's philosophy and social theory. Perhaps most important, he shows how Biko's ideas speak to the present human condition, especially the black condition, not only in South Africa, but also in the United States, Europe, and other societies where racism continues to manifest in various forms.


Mabogo Percy More is professor of philosophy at the University of Limpopo.


  • Biko the Rebel.
  • Black Consciousness: The Movement and Its Historicity.
  • Philosophy Contextualized.
  • Biko and Philosophy.
  • Biko's Africana Existentialist Philosophy.
  • The Problematics of Liberalism.
  • Liberalism's Transcendence of Apartheid Racism.
  • Biko, Black Consciousness, and Marxism.
  • Biko and Liberation.