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Bound: Living in the Globalized World

Scott Sernau
Bound: Living in the Globalized World
ISBN: 978-1-56549-112-0
2000/232 pages/LC: 00-042828
A Kumarian Press Book
"Grand in its vision, thought-provoking, and soul-stirring, Bound is a must-read for those who wish to understand the past, present, and probable future of a globalized world. Sernau's work is sociological analysis at its finest."—William L. Breedlove, College of Charleston

"A welcome addition to the existing literature on globalization.... easy to read, rich in content, and cast in a historical perspective including personal, cultural, economic, political, and technological aspects."—Ajit Bhalla, University of Cambridge

"Sernau has written a wonderfully readable and erudite interpretation of the evolution of what he calls a globalized world—one in which human societies are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. He writes engagingly about the rise of a global market economy and the accompanying transformation of local societies and cultures.... Bound provides a thoughtful synthesis of modern social science's understanding of the world in which we live."—Victor Nee, Cornell University


In his accessible, straightforward introduction to one of the key issues of our time, Scott Sernau explores the trends and practices have brought us to this new global century and then relates world issues to our everyday local experiences.


Scott Sernau is professor of anthropology and sociology and director of the Office of International Programs at Indiana University South Bend.


  • The Call of the World: Origins of the Global System.
  • Welcome to the World: Global Structures Enfold Local Cultures.
  • World Mart: Poverty and Prosperity in the Global Economy.
  • Brothers and Sisters After All: Gender, Work, and Home.
  • The New World Disorder: Culture, Conflict, and Power.
  • World of Wonders, World of Wires: The Reach of Global Technology.
  • Metro-Sprawl: The Making of the Global City.
  • Tending Common Ground: The Global Environment and the Future of Humanity.