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Breaking Cycles of Violence: Conflict Prevention in Intrastate Crises

Janie Leatherman, William DeMars, Patrick D. Gaffney, Raino Väyrynen
Breaking Cycles of Violence: Conflict Prevention in Intrastate Crises
ISBN: 978-1-56549-092-5
ISBN: 978-1-56549-004-8
1999/258 pages/LC: 98-52833
A Kumarian Press Book
"This book breaks new ground through conceptual foundations, empirical analyses, and practical insights about how to surmount the considerable barriers to timely collective action in civil wars. The authors identify how successful early warning and conflict prevention can occur before, during and after such wrenching violence."— Thomas G. Weiss


Breaking Cycles of Violence studies how the international community, working with local partners, can effectively pinpoint key breaking points and target resources for societies at risk of violent conflict.

This book provides policymakers, practitioners, scholars, and students with a framework for recognizing and tackling the complexities of internal and intrastate conflicts in order to avert violence and mass human suffering. It presents guidelines for using early warning indicators to assess the causes of conflict; using preventative action to contain it; and using multidimensional strategies to rehabilitate societies through the cycle of post-conflict peacebuilding.


  • The Priority of Acting Preventively.
  • Organizing for Proactive Intervention.
  • The Early Warning Toolbox: Cues from Background Conditions.
  • Crossing Thresholds: Mechanisms of Conflict Escalation.
  • Keeping Closed the Gates of War: The Peace Potential of Preventive Action.
  • The Shock of the Familiar: Discerning Patterns in Burundi's Cycles of Ethnic  Violence.
  • Preventing Conflict in Macedonia: A Lasting Peace or a Line in the Sand?
  • Inventive Diplomacy: Policy Recommendations for Early Warning and Conflict Prevention.