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Bridging the Divide: Peacebuilding in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Edy Kaufman, Walid Salem, and Juliette Verhoeven editors
Bridging the Divide: Peacebuilding in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
ISBN: 978-1-58826-365-0
ISBN: 978-1-58826-390-2
2006/323 pages/LC: 2006002388
Published in association with the European Centre for Conflict Prevention

"An incredibly courageous effort by Israeli and Palestinian peace scholars and practitioners to take a critical look at themselves and their activities, to expose and analyze their weaknesses, and to suggest ways to improve their efficacy and impact in the years ahead."—Naomi Chazan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

"Chronicling the valiant work of civil society in both camps in their quest toward reconciliation, this book helps us to fathom the uphill battle that the peace movement in Israel and Palestine has faced, and the hard work done in order to heal the wounds emanating from occupation and violence."—Hanna Siniora, Crossing Borders

"A welcome counterweight to the war-centered narratives espoused by both Arabs and Israelis.” —Reuven Shultz, Outlook


In the midst of the continuing violence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there are many who remain committed to moving forward on the road to peace. The Palestinian and Israeli contributors to this book, recognizing the great potential of civil society and NGOs for the peacebuilding process, focus on realistic opportunities for conflict transformation.The book includes a directory of peacebuilding organizations in the region.

Drawing from the experiences of the post-Oslo period seeking to learn from the mistakes that have been made the authors concentrate on possibilities for just solutions that will enable both peoples to live in peace, safety, and prosperity. Their work is part of the Searching for Peace Series, a program of the European Centre for Conflict Prevention.


Edy Kaufman is Senior Research Associate at the Center for International Development and Conflict Management, University of Maryland. Walid Salem is director of the Jerusalem Office of Panorama, the Palestinian Center for the Dissemination of Democracy and Community Development. Juliette Verhoeven is coordinator of the Knowledge Program on Civil Society in West Africa at the University of Amsterdam.


  • Foreword—N. Chazan.
  • Foreword—H. Siniora.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Palestinian-Israeli Peacebuilding: A Historical Perspective—E. Kaufman and W. Salem.
  • Civil Society and NGOs Building Peace in Israel—T. Hermann.
  • Civil Society and NGOs Building Peace in Palestine—M. Hassassian.
  • Israeli-Palestinian Joint Activities: Problematic Endeavor, Necessary Challenge—M. Dajani and G. Baskin.
  • Israeli-Palestinian Second Track Diplomacy—M. Klein and R. Malki.
  • Nonviolent Action in Israel and Palestine: A Growing Force—M. Abu-Nimer.
  • Two Peoples, One Civil Society—S. Dichter and K. Abu-Asba.
  • Looking Back, Looking Forward: Toward Transforming the Conflict—the Editors.
  • 100 Organizations in Israel and Palestine.