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Broadcasting Democracy: Radio and Identity in South Africa

Tanja Bosch
Broadcasting Democracy: Radio and Identity in South Africa
ISBN: 978-0-7969-2542-8
2017/184 pages
Distributed for HSRC Press
"An emphatic, engaging, well-grounded, and richly argued study of the centrality of radio in claims and contestations that pertain to identity and democracy in postapartheid South Africa." —Francis B. Nyamnjoh, University of Capetown

"Both scholarly and readable, this work is essential reading for anybody wanting to understand South Africa’s unique media landscape and still new democracy." —Franz Kruger, University of the Witwatersrand


The media—and especially radio—continue to be positioned at the center of debates about identity and cultural production in postapartheid South Africa. Tanja Bosch explores the diverse world of South African radio, focusing on the roles that various formats and stations play, as well as the ways in which these stations are in an important sense "broadcasting democracy."


Tanja Bosch is associate professor of media studies and production at the University of Cape Town's Centre for Film and Media Studies.


  • Introduction.
  • Public Service Broadcasting: A Brief History of Radio in South Africa.
  • Community Radio: Subaltern Counterpublics.
  • Commercial Talk Radio and the Public Sphere.
  • Commercial Music Radio and Identity: Good Hope FM and Metro FM as Case Studies.
  • Radio Convergence and Online Public Spheres.
  • Conclusions: The Future of Radio in South Africa.