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Building Rule of Law in the Arab World: Tunisia, Egypt, and Beyond

Eva Bellin and Heidi E. Lane, editors
Building Rule of Law in the Arab World: Tunisia, Egypt, and Beyond
ISBN: 978-1-62637-278-8
ISBN: 978-1-62637-434-8
2016/311 pages/LC: 2015031367
"Contributes a very rich and detailed set of examinations of complicated (and sometimes opaque) institutions in two countries whose experiences with legal and security institutions has drawn great attention. But more than that, it illustrates ... how change must be considered not merely from the hopeful perspective of those interested in the general good but also from the interests and actions of those institutions that often prove to be politically powerful and tactically adept."—Nathan J. Brown, Democratization

"Important and original.... This rich, insightful work makes an important contribution to the scholarly literature and will also be valuable to policymakers and aid professionals who seek to build more stable and accountable states in the Middle East."—Bruce Rutherford, Colgate University


How might Arab countries build the foundations for rule of law in the wake of prolonged authoritarian rule? What specific challenges do they confront? Are there insights to be gained from comparative analysis beyond the region? Exploring these questions, the authors of Building Rule of Law in the Arab World provide a theoretically informed, empirically rich account of key issues facing the countries at the forefront of political change since the Arab Spring as governments seek to develop effective and responsible judiciaries, security sectors, and anticorruption agencies.


Eva Bellin is Myra and Robert Kraft Professor of Arab Politics at Brandeis University. Heidi E. Lane is associate professor of strategy and policy and director of the Greater Middle East Research Study Group at the US Naval War College.


  • Building Rule of Law in the Arab World: Paths to Realization—E. Bellin.
  • Reforming Judiciaries in Emerging Democracies—L. Hilbink.
  • A Clash of Institutions: Judiciary vs. Executive in Egypt—N. Bernard-Maugiron.
  • What Independence? Judicial Power in Tunisia—M.S. Ben Aissa.
  • Reforming the Armies of Authoritarian Regimes—Z. Barany.
  • Democracy vs. Rule of Law: The Case of the Egyptian Military—R. Springborg.
  • Subjecting the Military to Rule of Law: The Tunisian Model—R.A. Brooks.
  • The Military Balancing Act: Cohesion vs. Effectiveness in Deeply Divided Societies—O. Barak.
  • The Politics of Police Reform in New Democracies—D.E. Davis.
  • Between Collapse and Professionalism: Police Reform in Egypt—T. Aclimandos.
  • Dismantling the Security Apparatus: Challenges of Police Reform in Tunisia—Q. Hanlon.
  • From Contention to Reform: Deep Democratization and Rule of Law—M. Johnston.
  • Strengthening Governance and Fighting Corruption in the Arab World—G. Heidenhof and L. Bteddini.
  • Lessons, Challenges, and Puzzles for Building Rule of Law in the Arab World—E. Bellin.