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Building States to Build Peace

Charles T. Call with Vanessa Wyeth, editors
Building States to Build Peace
ISBN: 978-1-58826-456-5
ISBN: 978-1-58826-480-0
2008/438 pages/LC: 2007049052
A project of the International Peace Institute.
"A wide-ranging and enlightening contribution to existing scholarship on post-conflict peacebuilding."—Åshild Falch, Journal of Peace Research


How can legitimate and sustainable states best be established in the aftermath of civil wars? And what role should international actors play in supporting the vital process?

Addressing these questions, the authors of Building States to Peace explore the core challenges involved in institutionalizing postconflict states. The combination of thematic chapters and in-depth case studies covers the full range of the most vexing and diverse problems confronting domestic and international actors seeking to build states while building peace.


Charles T. Call (1963−2022) was associate professor of peace and conflict resolution at American University. Vanessa Wyeth is peace and conflict adviser at OECD.


  • Foreword—Terje Rød Larsen.
  • Ending Wars, Building State, Building States—C.T. Call.
  • The Politics of Security in Postconflict Statebuilding—B.R. Rubin.
  • Participation and State Legitimation—K. Papagianni.
  • Peacebuilding and Public Finance—M. Carnahan and C. Lockhart.
  • Postconflict Economic Policy—P. Collier.
  • Justice and the Rule of Law—E. Jensen.
  • Bottom-Up Statebuilding?—W. Reno.
  • Practical Approaches to Building State Institutions—S. Cliffe and N. Manning.
  • CASES.
  • Somalia: Governance vs. Statebuilding—K. Menkhaus.
  • Palestine: Building Neither Peace Nor State—R. Brynen.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Limits of Liberal Imperialism—M. Cox.
  • East Timor: Statebuilding Revisted—E. Bowles and T. Chopra.
  • Afghanistan: Nationally Led Statebuilding—J. Sherman.
  • Liberia: The Risks of Rebuilding a Shadow State—M. McGovern.
  • Building States to Build Peace?—C.T. Call.

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