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Business and Crime Prevention

Marcus Felson and Ronald V. Clarke, editors
ISBN: 978-1-881798-69-9
ISBN: 978-1-881798-68-2
1997/293 pages

A CriminalJusticePress Project


In papers delivered at a conference co-sponsored by the US National Institute of Justice and Rutgers University, scholars and business analysts explore how criminological knowledge can help prevent crimes by and against businesses. Topics include: the impact of crime on business; preventing retail thefts; prevention and the auto industry; making crime prevention pay; public-private partnerships; crime prevention and the insurance industry; the private security industry; real estate development and crime prevention; and others.


  • Foreword—Jeremy Travis.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Criminology and Business Crime: Building the Bridge—J. Burrows.
  • Will Crime Prevention Ever Be a Business Priority?—D. Challinger.
  • Measuring Crime and Its Impact in the Business Environment—R.C. Hollinger.
  • Technology, Business, and Crime—M. Felson.
  • Towards Effective Public-Private Partnerships in Crime Control: Experiences in the Netherlands—J.J.M. van Dijk.
  • Do Premises Liability Suits Promote Business Crime Prevention?—J.E. Eck.
  • Crime Prevention and the Insurance Industry—R.A. Litton.
  • A Brief History of the Security Industry in the United States—R.D. McCrie.
  • Unrecognized Origins of the New Policing: Linkage Between Private and Public Policing—C. Shearing.
  • Real Estate Development and Crime Prevention Needs—R.B. Peiser.
  • Financial Analysis of Retail Crime Prevention—R. DiLonardo.
  • Preventing Pay Phone Damage—C. Bridgeman.
  • Insurance Industry Analyses and the Prevention of Motor Vehicle Theft—K. Hazelbaker.