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CIVICUS Global Survey of the State of Civil Society, Volume 2: Comparative Perspectives

V. Finn Heinrich and Lorenzo Fioramonti, editors
CIVICUS Global Survey of the State of Civil Society, Volume 2: Comparative Perspectives
ISBN: 978-1-56549-244-8
2007/407 pages/LC: 2006103415
A Kumarian Press Book

"Offers a timely and informative 360-degree view of the current state of citizen action around the world.... A very valuable resource for policymakers and practitioners interested in the critical issue of the role of civil society in governance and development."—Kemal Dervis, United Nations Development Programme

"This rich survey is exemplary in the breadth of countries it covers and the depth in which it explores complex issues. It also takes on some challenging questions such as the links between civil society and violence. This will be an invaluable resource for activists, students, and researchers."—Jude Howell, London School of Economics and Political Science


Volume 2 of the CIVICUS Global Survey of the State of Civil Society offers a wide-ranging analysis of key issues facing civil society worldwide. The authors draw on information collected by the CIVICUS Civil Society Index project in more than 45 countries to explore issues such as civil society’s accountability, its relations to the state and corporate sector, and its role in governance and development. The book also includes six regional overviews of the state of civil society.


V. Finn Heinrich is research director at Transparency International. Lorenzo Fioramonti is a UNU-CRIS associate research fellow and also associate professor of political science at the University of Pretoria.


  • Foreword—Kumi Naidoo and Aruna Rao.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Introducing the CIVICUS Civil Society Index.
  • How to Assess the State of Civil Society Around the World?: A Description and Preliminary Review of the CIVICUS Civil Society Index’s Conceptual Framework and Research Methodology—V.F. Heinrich and C. Malena.
  • Conceptual and Methodological Challenges in Comparative Civil Society Research: the State of Civil Society Around the World—M.M. Howard.
  • The CIVICUS Civil Society Index: Proposals for Future Directions—H. Anheier.
  • Linking Assessment, Reflection, and Action: The CSI Implementation Phase 2003–2006 and Suggestions for the Future—J. Schall-Emden.
  • Donors and Civil Society Strengthening: The CSI Experience—A. Fowler.
  • The State of Civil Society in Sub-Saharan Africa—P. Opoku-Mensah.
  • The Effects of Rapid Socioeconomic Growth on Civic Activism in Emerging Democracies: An Analysis of Civil Society in the Asia-Pacific Region—R. Tandon and M. Kak.
  • Civil Society in Latin America: Between Contentious Politics and Participatory Democracy—A. Servin and L. Fioramonti.
  • Civil Society in the Middle East and Mediterranean: An Exploration of Opportunities and Limitations—M. Khallaf and Ö. Tür.
  • Civil Societies in Post-communist Europe: The Challenges Posed by Social Isolation—J. Celichowski.
  • Civil Society in Western and Southern Europe—B. Knight.
  • Does Civil Society Exist?—C. Malena.
  • A New Challenge for Civil Society Infrastructure: The Imperative of Downward Accountability—D. Bonbright and N. Kiryttopoulou.
  • Citizen Participation in Civil Society around the World—J.W. van Deth.
  • What Makes Civil Society Strong?: Testing Bottom-up and Top-down Theories of a Vibrant Civil Society—S. Bailer, T. Bodenstein, and V.F. Heinrich.
  • Assessing the Legal Environment for Civil Society around the World: An Analysis of Status, Trends, and Challenges—V.F. Heinrich and C. Shea.
  • Civil Society and the State: Formal Arrangements and Actual Interactions—W. Dörner and C. Suarez.
  • From Corporate Philanthropy to Social Responsibility and Accountability: The Unfulfilled Potential of Civil Society-Business Engagement—L. Fioramonti and L. Regelbrugge.
  • Civil or Uncivil?: Civil Society’s Role in Promoting Values, Norms, and Rights—P. Kopecký and C. Muddle.
  • The Varying Contexts for Civil Society Accountability: Insights from a Global Analysis of Country-level Assessments—V.F. Heinrich, J.M. Mati, and L.D. Brown.
  • Civil Society’s Impact on Public Policy—M. Blagescu and J. Court.
  • The Challenge of Socioeconomic and Democratic Development: Marrying Civil Society's Social and Political Roles?—L. Fioramonti, A. Fowler, and V.F. Heinrich.
  • Conclusion: Assessing the State of Civil Society—L. Fioramonti and V. F. Heinrich.
  • Annexes.