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Campaigns and Elections: Issues, Concepts, Cases

Robert P. Watson and Colton C. Campbell, editors
Campaigns and Elections: Issues, Concepts, Cases
ISBN: 978-1-58826-120-5
ISBN: 978-1-58826-144-1
2003/319 pages/LC: 2002068270

"An excellent combination of perceptive scholarship and case studies written by scholars and practitioners, which places political campaigning in a realistic perspective."—James W. Witt, Perspectives on Politics


Blending insightful scholarship with a "nuts and bolts" approach, Campaigns and Elections examines the electoral process at the local, state, and national levels.

The authors—leading scholars, political professionals, and election administrators—focus on such current issues as the use of pollsters and political consultants, campaign finance reform, partisan politics, and the changing nature of both candidates and voters. Abundant case studies—including the contested election of George W. Bush—illustrate the text, while the editors' section introductions provide essential context. The resulting book is a perfect choice for any course dealing with political parties and elections.


Robert P. Watson is associate professor and director of American studies at Lynn University, Florida. He is editor of the journal White House Studies and author of numerous books on gender and the presidency, including The Presidents' Wives: Reassessing the Office of First Lady and Anticipating Madam President (with Ann Gordon). Colton C. Campbell is a professor at the National War College. His extensive publications on contemporary U.S. politics include Discharging Congress: Government by Commission and The Congressional Impeachment of Bill Clinton (with Nicol Rae).


  • Introduction.
  • Inside the War Room: Political Consultants in Modern Campaigns—D.A. Dulio.
  • Campaign Pollsters and Polling: Manipulating the Voter or Taking the Electorate's Pulse?—S.K. Medvic.
  • The Technological Evolution of Campaigns: A Look at New and Emerging Practices—J.M. Whitman and J.W. Perkins Jr.
  • Case: Incumbency and Issue Advocacy in Pennsylvania's Thirteenth District—R. Kolodny and S.L. Suárez.
  • Case: Violating the "Appearance Standard": A Local Campaign Controversy—E.M. Yager Jr.
  • Partisan Politics in a Nonpartisan Society—N.C. Rae.
  • Reforming the Reforms: Campaign Finance and Congress—V.A. Farrar-Myers.
  • Democratic Survival in the Republican South—M. Corrigan.
  • Case: The Contested Vote for Mississippi Governor—D. Simmons.
  • Case: Two Views of the Florida Controversy.
  • What Happened in Florida on November 7, 2000?—J. Carroll.
  • Election 2000—A League of Women Voters' Perspective—J. Karp
  • Women's Underepresentation in Elective Office—G.G. Aguiar.
  • Minority Voters and Candidates: Tracking Trends—D.L. Leal.
  • Covering Candidates and Informing Voters: Newspaper Coverage of a Gubernatorial Election—S.J. Stambough and V.R. O'Regan.
  • Case:: The Maverick Campaign and Election of Jesse Ventura—S.C. Wagner and S.I. Frank.
  • Case: Showdown in the Empire State: Clinton v. Lazio—J. Kraus.
  • The Congressional Elections of 2000: Tradition Meets Competition in the New Age—R. Dewhirst and R.K. Gaddie.
  • The Significance of the 2000 Presidential Election: Institutional Impact and Possible Reforms—A.J. Eksterowicz.