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Campus Security: Situational Crime Prevention in High-Density Environments

George Rengert, Mark Mattson, and Kristin Henderson
ISBN: 978-1-881798-30-9
2001/123 pages

A CriminalJusticePress Project
8.25" x 10.75" format
"This book should be required reading for all campus law enforcement and security professionals. The authors provide the tools to help you better understand and respond to crime trends in the campus setting."—Don Strom, Chief of Police, Washington University in St. Louis

"This book is a must for every campus police department and every crime analyst."—Mike Woods, Crime Analyst, UCLA Police Department

"This book will be an indispensible tool for anyone involved in, or interested in, campus security issue."—Keith Harries, Professional Geographer

"The authors explain both the research and the suggested techniques of policing in a manner that is easy to follow. This book contains a wealth of information for any practitioner interested in college campus security and law enforcement."—Robert Hanser, The Literature of Criminal Justice 1998-2001


Prevention of crime on college campuses—and at similar facilities such as hospitals and museums— can be greatly improved by the use of new high-definition crime mapping techniques, when used in conjunction with community policing. Topics covered in this volume include: the level of crime on campuses; campus community within its setting; development of campus security systems; preventative measures; victimization surveys; perception of crime on campus; high definition geographic information systems.


George Rengert is a professor in the department of criminal justice at Temple University: Mark Mattson, now retired, was a professional cartographer-illustrator. Kristin Henderson is a geographic information systems expert.