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Caribbean Passages: A Critical Perspective on New Fiction from the West Indies

Richard F. Patteson
ISBN: 978-0-89410-851-8
1997/190 pages/LC: 97-36868


Offering a critical perspective on new fiction from the West Indies, Patteson concentrates on five writers from diverse backgrounds and with differing perspectives and artistic strategies, who nevertheless share a commitment to an imaginative repossession of Caribbean life and consciousness.

The writers discussed are Olive Senior (Jamaica), who combines devices of oral narratives and sophisticated plot structures; Zee Edgell, in particular her internationally acclaimed first novel, Beka Lamb; Caryl Phillips, who writes of the cultural displacement of being black in England and how this becomes a spur to "imaginative sustenance"; Shiva Naipaul (Trinidad), whose work focuses on what is lost when a new society is formed: and Robert Antoni (Trinidad), whose writing embodies the process of creolization.


Richard F. Patteson is professor of English at Mississippi State University. He is the author of A World Outside: The Fiction of Paul Bowles and Critical Essays on Donald Barthleme, as well as more than twenty articles on nineteenth– and twentieth–century literature.