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China Engages Latin America: Tracing the Trajectory

Adrian H. Hearn and José Luis León-Manríquez, editors
China Engages Latin America: Tracing the Trajectory
ISBN: 978-1-58826-767-2
ISBN: 978-1-62637-129-3
2011/325 pages/LC: 2011011378
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"Makes a valuable contribution to the study of China's growing footprint in Latin America and its implications. It is a must-read for both policymakers and scholars."—He Li, Journal of Chinese Political Science

"A timely and valuable addition to the field."—Tom Rollason, Australian Journal of International Affairs

"Readers interested in this important new aspect of the PRC's foreign policy will learn much."—June Teufel Dreyer, The Journal of Asian Studies

"This is a must-read for those seeking to better understand Chinese engagement in Latin America. Not only is [it] one of the broadest and most balanced in a steady stream of volumes dedicated to the topic; it truly breaks new ground."—Kevin P. Gallagher, America's Quarterly

"This volume seems set fair to provide the definitive agenda for future research in this essentially new field of study, especially as it moves beyond economics to involve social, political, and cultural interactions."—David S. G. Goodman, University of Sydney

"This pioneering book is essential reading for all who want a comprehensive understanding of China's deepening relations with Latin America.  The authors reveal how ethnic ties, lobbying, back-room deals, and competing ideas about China's role in the world are working alongside state and market strategies to shape 21st century geopolitics and trade."—Yang Jiemian, Shanghai Institute for International Studies

"This informative and persuasive book shows why and in what ways China and Latin America matter for one another."—Jorge I. Domínguez, Harvard University


What inroads is China making in Latin America? In China Engages Latin America, experts from three continents provide local answers to this global question.

The authors explore the multiple motivations driving the establishment of new Sino–Latin American linkages, the nature of those linkages, and the reactions that they have generated. They also examine how China–Latin America relations have developed over more than two hundred years. The result is a work that deals with key issues of broad regional relevance, as well as country-specific political, economic, and cultural concerns.


Adrian H. Hearn is associate professor of Latin American studies at the University of Melbourne. He is author of Cuba: Religion, Social Capital, and Development, and is currently writing a book on China's cultural and diplomatic relations with Cuba and Mexico. José Luis León-Manríquez is professor of political science at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City. He has served as deputy director of the Diplomatic Academy in the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is coeditor of China en el Siglo XXI: Economía, Política y Sociedad de una Potencia Emergente.


  • Foreword—David Shambaugh.
  • China and Latin America: A New Era of an Old Exchange—the Editors.
  • The China–Latin America Relationship: Convergences and Divergences—A.C. Armony.
  • Ten Key Questions—S. Jiang.
  • Economic Fundamentals of the Relationship—J. Santiso and R. Avendano.
  • China's Challenge to Latin American Development—E. Dussel Peters.
  • The Obama Administration, Latin America, and the Middle Kingdom—C.A. Watson.
  • Conflicting US Perceptions of China’s Inroads in Latin America—D.P. Erikson.
  • China and Mexico: Trade, Migration, and GuanxiA.H. Hearn, A. Smart, and R. Hernàndez Hernàndez.
  • China's Relations with Mexico and Chile: Boom for Whom?—J.L. León-Manríquez.
  • China and Cuba: Past, Present, and Future— X. Mao, C. Alzugaray Treto, L. Weiguang, and A.H. Hearn.
  • China's Relations with Central America and the Caribbean States: Reshaping the Region—F. Haro Navejas.
  • China and Venezuela: Oil, Technology, and Socialism—G.S. Paz.
  • China and Brazil: Two Trajectories of a "Strategic Partnership"—R. Tavares Maciel and D.K. Nedal.
  • China and Argentina: Beyond the Quest for Natural Resources—J.E. Malena.
  • China, Latin America, and the Trajectory of Change—the Editors.