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China in World Politics: Policies, Processes, Prospects, 2nd Edition

Judith F. Kornberg and John R. Faust
China in World Politics: Policies, Processes, Prospects, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-1-58826-223-3
ISBN: 978-1-58826-248-6
2005/294 pages/LC: 2004020538

"An ideal textbook to lead students into the field of China studies. The book's analysis of foreign relations stands out for the attempt to understand Chinese policies and processes from the insider's angle, to 'look over the shoulders' of the decision-makers in Beijing at the opportunities and risks China has to face in the post-Cold War era and the twenty-first century."—Hui Feng, China Journal

"[This] invitingly structured text offers stimulating material for undergraduate students."—Ganesh K. Trichur, Pacific Affairs

Praise for the 1st edition:

"Faust and Kornberg's book is a welcome addition to a field crowded by much more narrow and less balanced works.... provides an accessible guide to negotiating the difficult terrain of Chinese foreign policy."—Randy Kluver, China Information

"A comprehensive review of the past, present, and future foreign relations of China."—George P. Jan, China Review International

"To a remarkable extent the authors succeed in what they set out to do—namely, to introduce students to the history of China's foreign relations, its changing policy opportunities and dangers, and the domestic and external factors that may affect and shape Beijing's future decisions.... the book covers all the key issues in admirably clear and accessible style."—Samuel S. Kim, China Quarterly

"An excellent textbook for students of Chinese politics and foreign policy."—Sheng Lijun,  China Journal


Introducing students to China's foreign policy, the authors outline the political, security, economic, and social issues the country faces in the emerging 21st century.

Each chapter of the book familiarizes the reader with the Chinese framework for analyzing the issues in question. Alternate policy choices are suggested, along with supporting data for each course of action. Discussion and essay questions, as well as suggested readings and a bibliography of internet resources, are also included.


Judith F. Kornberg is dean of continuing and professional studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. John R. Faust is professor emeritus of political science at Eastern Illinois University.


  • Introduction.
  • New Ideologies in the Twenty-First Century.
  • Chinese Politics and Ideology.
  • The Ascendency of Adam Smith over Karl Marx.
  • China and Russia.
  • China and the United States.
  • China and Its Asian Neighbors.
  • China and Japan.
  • China in the Global Regime
  • Alternative Scenarios.
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