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China’s Financing in Latin America and the Caribbean

Enrique Dussel Peters
China’s Financing in Latin America and the Caribbean
ISBN: 978-607-8066-46-9
ISBN: 978-607-5066-54-4
2020/398 pages
Distributed for the Academic Network of Latin America and the Caribbean on China


Over the first two decades of the twenty-first century, China has become not only the world's largest economy, but also its largest exporter, a major importer, and the second largest source of foreign direct investment outflows.

Focusing on FDI, the authors of this book look in depth at China's activities in Latin America and the Caribbean during 2000-2018. They present both institutional and country-specific case studies, including in each case important historical and socioeconomic context.


Enrique Dussel Peters is professor of economics and director of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).


  • Foreword—Luis Carranza.
  • Introduction—E. Dussel Peters.
  • Foreign Financial Flows and the Balance of Payments Constraint on Latin America's Growth: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis—E. Pérez Caldentey and J.C. Moreno-Brid.
  • The Evolution, Status, and Future of Chinese Financing in Europe—C. Marcuello Recaj.
  • Financing of China's Policy Banks in Latin America and the Caribbean—X. Song.
  • The China Development Bank and Financing in Latin America—R. Hernández Cordero.
  • Why Co-Financing is Much More than Just Pooling Resources in the China-Latin America Cooperation—G. Caballero.
  • Managing Risk in Chinese Overseas Development—R. Ray et al.
  • Examining the Lending Practices of Chinese Policy Banks in the Caribbean—J. Minto.
  • Chinese Financing in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Case of Central America and Panama—L. Vargas Montoya et al.
  • China's Financing in Argentina—L. Stanley.
  • Chinese Financing in Brazil—C. Hiratuka and S. Deos.
  • A Case Study of the Belo Monte Transmission Line Project—S. Cui and Z. Zhang.
  • Chinese Financing in Uruguay—G. Bittencourt.
  • Chinese Financing to Bolivia—A. Zapata Rosso.
  • Unpacking Chinese Financing in Ecuador—D.C. Salgado.
  • Chinese Financing in Colombia: A Laggard in Latin America—B. Creutzfeldt.
  • Chinese Financing in Venezuela: Joint Funds and Loans-for-Oil—C.E. Piña.
  • China's Financing in Mexico—E. Dussel Peters.