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China's New Role in Africa

Ian Taylor
China's New Role in Africa
ISBN: 978-1-58826-636-1
ISBN: 978-1-58826-736-8
2008/227 pages/LC: 2008021841
"A welcome contribution to an informed understanding of Sino-African relations."—Jian Yang, International Studies Review

"A thoughtful and thought-provoking analysis that serious students of the relationship between China and African countries will want to read, ponder, and discuss."—Dorothy McCormick, China Review International

"A brilliant book, balanced and logically convincing. Taylor succeeds in debunking many misperceptions about the Sino-African relationship and [in] putting China's African policy in a much broader context."—Lanxin Xiang, Survival

"While there are a great deal of data, Taylor presents his information clearly, and readers with little background on the topic will not find themselves at sea.... Highly recommended."—Choice

"In this important new book, Ian Taylor explores the complexity of increasingly diverse, as well as increasingly important, China-Africa encounters."—Shaun Breslin, University of Warwick


Ian Taylor explores the nature and implications of China's burgeoning role in Africa, arguing that Beijing is using Africa not only as a source of needed raw materials and potential new markets, but also to bolster its own position on the international stage.

After tracing the history of Sino-African relations, Taylor addresses key current issues: What will be the long-term consequences, for example, of China's successes in securing access to the continent's oil? How will cheap Chinese imports affect Africa's manufacturing base? What has been the impact of China's arms sales to Africa? His work, based on extensive field research in both China and across Africa, is a major contribution to illuminating the nature of an increasingly important relationship.


Ian Taylor(1969-2021) was professor in the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews.


  • China's Africa Policy in Context.
  • Oil Diplomacy.
  • The Impact of Cheap Chinese Goods.
  • The Issue of Human Rights.
  • The Arms Trade.
  • Peacekeeping.
  • What Does It All Mean?