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China’s Regional Relations: Evolving Foreign Policy Dynamics

Mark Beeson and Fujian Li
China’s Regional Relations: Evolving Foreign Policy Dynamics
ISBN: 978-1-62637-040-1
2014/254 pages/LC: 2013030239
"[An] authoritative survey of power maximisation and strategic calculation."—Kosmas Tsokhas, Journal of Contemporary Asia

"A well-structured and convincing analysis of China's regionalism diplomacy and its consequences for international order."—Zhemming Zhong, Journal of Chinese Political Science

"A welcome addition to the growing literature on China's foreign relations in the twenty-first century."—Zhiqun Zhu, Pacific Affairs

"Although many other works have examined China's regional relations, few have done so in the systematic manner that Beeson and Li adopt."—Brandon K. Yoder, International Studies Review

"An insightful analysis.... The authors display a thorough knowledge of the Chinese perspective, including the views of both the party-state leadership and Chinese netizens."—Choice

"An excellent overview of China's foreign relations and the impact of China's rise on the world and East Asia. Beeson and Li's argument is deep, straightforward, and balanced."—Yong Wang, Peking University

"Lively and accessible.... A comprehensive and timely review of the emerging dynamics of China’s regional diplomacy."—Yong Deng, US Naval Academy   


Has China's much-discussed "charm offensive" come to an end? Are fears about the country's more assertive foreign policies justified? How will a rising China interact with its regional neighbors? Mark Beeson and Fujian Li address these questions by comprehensively exploring the nature, effectiveness, and implications of China's foreign policy strategy in Asia and Australia.


Mark Beeson is professor of international politics at the University of Western Australia. His numerous publications include Institutions of the Asia-Pacific: ASEAN, APEC and Beyond and Regionalism and Globalization in East Asia: Politics, Security and Economic Development. Fujian Li is a research fellow of the East Asian Studies Center at China Foreign Affairs University. His research interests include China's regional policy and Sino-Australian relations.


  • China Changes Everything.
  • The Rise of Regions.
  • China Transformed.
  • East Asia or Asia Pacific?
  • Southeast Asia.
  • Northeast Asia.
  • India, Russia, and Central Asia.
  • Sino-Australian Relations.
  • A Regional or a Global Power?