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China's Rise and the Two Koreas: Politics, Economics, Security

Scott Snyder
China's Rise and the Two Koreas:  Politics, Economics, Security
ISBN: 978-1-58826-618-7
ISBN: 978-1-58826-622-4
2009/241 pages/LC: 2008033733

"A solid, comprehensive, and engaging—if not provocative—analysis of Sino-Korean peninsula relations since the 1992 Sino-South Korea diplomatic normalization."—Inwook Kim, Journal of East Asian Studies

"A thoroughly relevant book to anyone interested in the interplay of economics and politics in contemporary Northeast Asia."—Daniel C. Kane, Korean Studies

"A very thorough and insightful book on the intersection of politics, economics, and security in Northeast Asia.... [Snyder] weaves a powerful narrative."—Joseph A.B. Winder, Asian-Pacific Economic Literature

"Excellent.... An important contribution to the contemporary security debate in East Asia."—Thomas Cieslik, Journal of Chinese Political Science

"This book is quite simply the best assessment of the changing contemporary relationship between China and the two Koreas.... A work of deep analytic insight and detailed empirical observations."David C. Kang, Perspectives on Politics

"An intensely insightful expert account of the basic questions that China’s economic ascension raises for the balance of power on the Korean peninsula and in northeast Asia.... Well written and jargon free. Highly recommended."—Choice

"Well researched, well argued, and extremely comprehensive.... There is nothing else like it available in English."—Greg Moore, Eckerd College


Choice Outstanding Academic Book!

With China now South Korea's number one trading partner and destination for foreign investment and tourism, what are the implications for politics and security in East Asia?

Scott Snyder explores the transformation of the Sino–South Korean relationship since the early 1990s. Snyder considers the strategic significance of recent developments in China's relationship with both North and South Korea and also assesses the likely consequences of those developments for US and Japanese influence in the region. His meticulous study lends important context to critical debates regarding China's foreign policy, Northeast Asian security, and international relations more broadly.


Scott Snyder is president and CEO of the Korea Economic Institute of America. He is author of The US-South Korea Alliance: Meeting New Security Challenges, Negotiating on the Edge: North Korean Negotiating Behavior, and coeditor (with L. Gordon Flake) of Paved with Good Intentions: The NGO Experience in North Korea.


  • Introduction.
  • China's Shift to a Two-Koreas Policy.
  • The Transformation of China–South Korea Economic Relations.
  • Emerging Political Challenges in the Sino–South Korean Relationship.
  • China's Evolving Economic and Political Relations with North Korea.
  • China's Strategic Policy Dilemmas and the Future of North Korea.
  • The China–South Korea–US Security Triangle.
  • The Korean Peninsula and Sino-Japanese Rivalry.
  • The New Sino-Korean Economic Relationship: Implications for Northeast Asian Security.