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Citizenship in Latin America

Joseph S. Tulchin and Meg Ruthenburg, editors
Citizenship in Latin America
ISBN: 978-1-58826-490-9
ISBN: 978-1-62637-130-9
2006/329 pages/LC: 2006021636

"[A] rich tasting of musings by notable democracy theorists on struggles to deepen or redefine citizenship in Latin America."—Richard Feinberg, Foreign Affairs


Is democracy in Latin America in trouble, as many now argue? Or is the increasingly overt political participation of both "average" and marginalized citizens evidence to the contrary? This important collection focuses on citizenship to shed light on the dynamics and obstacles that the region's democracies now face.

The authors place citizenship in the context of democratic theory and explore varying conceptions of the term. They also consider a range of challenges to meaningful citizenship. In the final section of the book, practitioners reflect on their experiences in advocating for a more active citizenry, and on ways to promote citizenship in Latin America.


Joseph S. Tulchin is former director of the Latin American Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Meg Ruthenburg served as program associate at the Latin American Program in 2002-2005.


  • Toward an Analysis of Citizenship in Latin America—the Editors.
  • Latin American Citizenship and Democratic Theory—F. Hagopian.
  • Citizenship Regimes, the State, and Ethnic Cleavages—D.J. Yashar.
  • Citizenship in Disjunctive Democracies—J. Holston.
  • Fields of Citizenship—A.C. Armony.
  • Democracy and Citizenship in Latin America—J.H. Carens.
  • Neopluralism and Citizenship in Latin America—P. Oxhorn.
  • Democracy Across Cultures: Does Gender Make a Difference?—R.A. Camp and K. Yanner.
  • Crime and Violence: Challenges to Democracy in Brazil—L. Bitencourt.
  • Democracy Assistance in Creating Citizenship—C. Sabatini.
  • Between Paradoxes and Challenges: Promoting Citizenship in Bolivia—C.B. Ruíz.
  • Participation and Democracy: The Case of Argentina—C. March.
  • Representation and Active Citizenship in Ecuador—C. Montúfar.
  • Citizenship as Public Work—H.C. Boyte.
  • Citizens: Made, Not Born—the Editors.