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Collective Security in a Changing World

Thomas G. Weiss, editor
ISBN: 978-1-55587-555-8
1993/234 pages/LC: 92-31965

"Full of valuable insights by eminent analysts."—Australian Journal of Political Science

"A unique and valuable contribution to the post-Cold War literature."—Journal of Third World Studies

"Thoughtful, well written, high quality essays that seriously engage the important yet treacherous task of trying to comprehend and assess important changes in international relations."—Newsletter of the International Organization Section of the International Studies Association

"A state-of-the-art survey with a rich bibliographic mine and a host of constructive policy insights, useful for scholars, students, and policy analysts alike. . . . a timely, broad-ranging primer on collective security."—Mershon International Studies Review


This volume analyzes institutional mechanisms in the United Nations and in regional organizations that exist to deal with threats to the peace, and also examines what the U.S. response should be to the evolving opportunity to strengthen collective security. The numerous theoretical and practical problems of guaranteeing international security in the 1990s provide the substance for analysis by leading scholars, many of whom also have had distinguished careers within international secretariats.


Thomas G. Weiss is Presidential Professor of Political Science at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.


  • The Collective Security Idea and Changing World Politics—L. Gordenker and T.G. Weiss.
  • Sovereignty and Threats to Peace—O. Schachter.
  • Squaring the Circle: Collective Security in a System of States—Mohammed Ayoob.
  • Collective Conflict Management: Evidence for a New World Order?—E.B. Haas.
  • UN Decisionmaking: Future Initiatives for the Security Council and the Secretary-General—J.S. Sutterlin.
  • The Requirement for a Multinational Enforcement Capability—J. Mackinlay.
  • The Role of Regional Collective Security Arrangements—T.J. Farer.
  • Collective Security and U.S. Interests—L.P. Bloomfield.
  • Whither Collective Security: An Unsettled Idea in a Changing World—L. Gordenker and T.G. Weiss.