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Combating Antisemitism in Germany and Poland: Strategies Since 1990

Thomas Just
Combating Antisemitism in Germany and Poland: Strategies Since 1990
ISBN: 978-1-68585-999-2
ISBN: 978-1-96255-107-6
2024/173 pages/LC: 2023055559
"An important and timely analysis of how Germany and Poland fare today in promoting public policies against antisemitism." —Stephen Wright, Northern Arizona University

"A much needed examination of the extent of antisemitism in Germany and Poland today, and of the effectiveness of both government and NGO efforts to combat it." —Eric Langenbacher, Georgetown University


In both Germany and Poland—primary locations of the Holocaust—the legacy of antisemitism remains a major obstacle to reconciliation with the past. Thomas Just asks: How does antisemitism typically manifest in these countries? What counterstrategies are being employed? And with what effect? Addressing these questions, Just contributes to a deeper understanding of the disturbing influence of antisemitic hatred worldwide and identifies best practices to combat it.


Thomas Just is assistant teaching professor in the school of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University.


  • Combating Antisemitism in Germany and Poland.
  • Antisemitism in Germany.
  • Antisemitism in Poland.
  • Germany Combats Antisemitism.
  • Poland Combats Antisemitism.
  • Evaluating Germany's Efforts.
  • Evaluating Poland's Efforts.
  • The Path Forward.