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Coming of Age in a Globalized World: The Next Generation

J. Michael Adams and Angelo Carfagna
Coming of Age in a Globalized World: The Next Generation
ISBN: 978-1-56549-212-7
ISBN: 978-1-62637-509-3
2006/256 pages/LC: 2005028064
A Kumarian Press Book
"This impressive book is particularly effective in explaining the many facets of globalization and the global economy that demand we expand our sphere of consideration. One can't read this book without gaining a newfound appreciation and awareness of our roles as global citiaens."— Fred Hassan Schering-Plough

"Coming of Age in a Globalized World as a primer for advisers seeking to better understand what globalization is and what it means for us and our students. The authors break down the concept of globalization into clear and manageable concepts using familiar terminology that will aid us in explaining the ramifications of not preparing our students to think globally."—NACADA Journal

"This thoughtful and lively book offers documentation and analysis to help us understand the proliferation of changes and connections throughout the world. Adams and Carfagna masterfully make clear the imperative of overcoming ignorance of the cultures, histories, and languages of other societies. Globalization, they assert, means education!"—John Brademas, New York University


J. Michael Adams and Angelo Carfagna emphasize the importance of education in a society that constantly faces challenges of change and conflict. Providing a comprehensive survey of current issues in global politics, they argue convincingly that, to succeed in today's environment, individuals must understand the driving forces of globalization and the trends that are likely to shape our future.


The late J. Michael Adams served as president of Fairleigh Dickinson University from 1999 until his death in 2012. Angelo Carfagna is an award-winning writer, editor, and communications consultant.


  • Making Connections.
  • It's A New World! So, What Else is New?
  • My Country: Right, Wrong, or Irrelevant?
  • A Foundation for World Citizenship.
  • Globalization and World Citizenship After September 11.
  • A Global Education: Schooling the World Citizens.
  • Genetic Road Maps and Speed Bumps on the Route to World Citizenship.
  • Flying Toward the Future.