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Community Policing: A Handbook for Beat Cops and Supervisors

Howard Rahtz
Community Policing: A Handbook for Beat Cops and Supervisors
ISBN: 978-1-881798-29-3
2001/134 pages
A CriminalJusticePress Project

"This work speaks to those working the streets in a manner that they will welcome—no lofty or ambiguous ideals, just down-to-earth plain talk loaded with common sense.... From his own experience as both a beat officer and a supervisor of beat officers, Rahtz points out the roadblocks that can hinder or even kill an effort to sincerely implement the tenets of community policing."—Carole Saari, Criminal Justice Review

"Anyone interested in policing would be well served by reading this book."—Security Management Magazine

"Packed with real life examples and sound recommendations, this book will enhance any officer’s understanding of this essential philosophy—as well as their street effectiveness."— Ray Nash, Police Dynamics Institute

"[Rahtz] has done a great job of explaining the benefits of COP from the perspective of the beat cop."—Vernon Chenevey, Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission


This practical and clearly written manual explains the advantages and the “how-to” of community policing. Topics include Community-Oriented Policing (COP) vs. traditional police work, dueling definitions of COP, the importance of community partnerships, problem-solving techniques, the key role of supervisors in COP programming, examples of effective COP programs, and how to get started with COP.


Howard Rahtz draws in this book on insights gained from his years as a Cincinnati police officer and as a trainer for the regional Community Policing Institute.