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Confronting Microfinance: Undermining Sustainable Development

Milford Bateman, editor
Confronting Microfinance: Undermining Sustainable Development
ISBN: 978-1-56549-342-1
ISBN: 978-1-56549-341-4
2011/274 pages/LC: 2011007702
A Kumarian Press Book

"In this insightful and passionately written book, Milford Bateman and his contributors expose the myth of microfinance as a panacea for poverty alleviation....Whatever the solution to the renewal of economic growth in [Europe's poorest countries] may be, readers of this book will be convinced that microfinance is unlikely to be part of it."—Will Bartlett, London School of Economics and Political Science


Despite the popularity of microfinance as a tool for economic development, there has been little analysis of its foundations or its real effectiveness in fighting poverty. Attempting to fill that gap, the authors of Confronting Microfinance first provide global perspectives that challenge the conventional wisdom and then focus on southeastern Europe—a key arena for microfinance and microcredit programs—to get at the heart of ongoing debates.


Milford Bateman is visiting professor of economics at Juraj Dobrila University at Pula and also consults in the field of  local economic development policy.


  • Introduction: Looking Beyond the Hype and Entrenched Myths—M. Bateman.
  • Microfinance in Ultra-Poor Communities: The Experience of Medellín, Colombia—M. Bateman, J.P. Durán Ortiz, and D. Sinković.
  • The Commercialization of Mircofinance: Resolution or Extension of Poverty?—M. Harper.
  • Lessons from the Grameen Bank: Entrepreneurialism May Not Be a Universal Norm—R. Dyal-Chand.
  • Undermining the Chances of Sustainable Development in India with Microfinance—A. Karnani.
  • Impact of Microfinance in Croatia—M. Bateman and D. Sinković.
  • Microfinance in Serbia—N. Janićijević and G. Petković. Microfinance in Macedonia—T. Fiti, V. Filipovski, and V.H. Vasileva-Markovska.
  • Microfinance Saturation in Bosnia and Herzegovina: What Has Really Been Achieved for the Poor?—S. Drezgić, Z. Pavlović, and D. Stoyanov.
  • Gender and Microfinance in Southeastern Europe: A Critical View—V. Cipruš, L. Hughes, and M. Vukojević.
  • The End of Microfinance?—M. Bateman.