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Contemporary African Politics and Development: A Comprehensive Bibliography, 1981-1990

complied by Vijitha Mahadevan with the staff of UCLA's African Bibliography Project
ISBN: 978-1-55587-334-9
1994/1,314 pages/LC: 94-3602
"This is a very splendid volume.... A 'must buy' for any library which maintains any realistic claim to take African Studies seriously. Students in particular will find it extremely useful." —Journal of Commonwealth & Comparative Politics


This invaluable research tool is a systematic, comprehensive analysis of books, monographs, journals, and edited volumes dealing with African political affairs and socioeconomic development.

The bibliography contains more than 16,000 citations (both English and French sources are included) covering material published from 1981 through 1990. Chapters in edited volumes are treated as individual citations. In addition to the standard bibliographic data, each citation is annotated with the relevant subject terms and keywords; and all citations for 1986 through 1990 also include an abstract summarizing the material's theoretical and substantive focus.

A distinctive feature of the bibliography is the extensive keyword index, which assures easy access to the entries. The alphabetically arranged keywords are drawn from a wide range of categories, including:

  • individual (Daniel arap Moi, Ibrahim Babangida, Steve Biko)
  • places (Addis Ababa, Drakensburg Mountains, Bandundu Region)
  • documents (Berg Report, Lagos Plan of Action, Lome Convention)
  • organizations (OAU, ECOWAS, IMF)
  • ethnic groups (Akan, Fulani, Boer)
  • miscellaneous (coffee, polygamy, textiles)

There is also a complete author index.

The entries themselves are arranged alphabetically by author under the appropriate country/region, and within each country or region, by general subject heading (e.g., agriculture, environment, foreign relations, legal system, women and gender).

The bibliography is the result of an ongoing research project at UCLA. The next volume will cover 1991-1993, and biennial volumes will be published subsequently.