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Conversations with Carter

Don Richardson, editor
Conversations with Carter
ISBN: 978-1-55587-801-6
1998/344 pages/LC: 97-50176

"If you want to understand Jimmy Carter, there is no better place to start than by reading Conversations with Carter. There is a frankness to this compendium of collected interviews that illuminates the general intelligence and bedrock decency of our 39th President.”—Douglas Brinkley, Director, Eisenhower Center for American Studies

"Don Richardson has rendered readers a valuable service. In compiling Carter’s numerous interviews, he has produced an often surprising full-length portrait of a president who refused to be reduced to sound-bites.”—Dan Rather, Anchor, CBS Evening News

"This will be a treasure for those who have had the privilege of knowing Jimmy Carter and equally for those who would like to know him better.” —Jody Powell, Press Secretary, Carter Administration

"This is an excellent collection, valuable for students, scholars, and general readers.”—Steven Hochman, Director of Research, Carter Center.

"As the many conversations in this book remind us, Jimmy Carter is truly a remarkable individual—one of our most decent and conscientious leaders, who continues to dedicate each of his days to the service of humanity.” —Walter F. Mondale, Vice President, Carter Administration


Jimmy Carter participated in more than two hundred interviews between 1976 and 1996. In the twenty-three conversations presented here, highly regarded interviewers lead President Carter to clarify his public stands and private beliefs.

The dialogue created through these encounters demonstrates the growth of a principled man, encapsulating the major debates and concerns of the last quarter of the "American Century." Taken separately, the conversations provide a window on the recent past; taken together, they provide the basis for a new understanding of Carter the individualist and for a reassessment of an important segment of the political thought of our times.

The interviewers are Bonnie Angelo, David Broder, Tom Brokaw, Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor, Stanley Cloud, John Dancy, Sam Donaldson, Richard F. Fenno, Robert Fulghum, Murray Gart, Erwin Hargrove, Steven Hochman, Charles O. Jones, Bill Kovach, James Laue, H. Clifton McCleskey, Robert McNeil, Bill Moyers, Richard E. Neustadt, Dan Rather, Harry Reasoner, Barbara Reynolds, Don Richardson, Carl Rowan, Robert Scheer, Bob Schieffer, Hugh Sidney, Kenneth W. Thompson, David B. Truman, Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters, Curtis Wilkie, Judy Woodruff, and James S. Young.


Don Richardson is professor and chair of the Department of Public Communication at Sam Houston State University.