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Corrections: A Humanistic Approach

Hans Toch
ISBN: 978-1-911577-41-9
ISBN: 978-0-911577-40-2
1997/248 pages
A CriminalJusticePress Project
"This anthology provides a coherent and powerful set of ideas about how prisons can be administered in a way that maintains hope, meaning and respect for human dignity."—Timothy J. Flanagan, Sam Houston State University

"Simply the sanest, wisest, most thoughtful voice speaking about corrections in the country."—Craig Haney, University of California-Santa Cruz.


In his 28 essays, Professor Toch adopts the perspective of humanistic psychology to discuss: reforming prisons; reforming prisoners; working with disturbed prisoners; prison violence; and prison research and reform. Professor Toch has been named this year's (2005) recipient of the International Society of Criminology's "Prix DeGreff" for distinction in clinical criminology, and is a co-recipient of the American Society of Criminology's 2001 August Vollmer Award for outstanding contributions to criminological practice or policy.