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Corruption and Development Aid: Confronting the Challenges

Georg Cremer
Corruption and Development Aid: Confronting the Challenges
ISBN: 978-1-58826-595-1
ISBN: 978-1-58826-571-5
2008/169 pages/LC: 2008004523

"One of the few studies that explores how development assistance itself contributes to corruption.... Recommended."—Choice

"An honest and revealing look at the cancer of corruption in the developing world. Examining the interrelated aspects of development aid, Dr. Cremer aptly presents the rampant abuse and misuse of aid funds and proposes sensible ways to address the issue. His book should be required reading for all those involved in development work."—Steve Berkman, author of The World Bank and the Gods of Lending

"Practical experience, administrative know-how, and last but not least, the author's analytical skills all come together in this clear and concise book. It belongs in the hands of every individual interested in development policy."—Theodor Hanf, University of Freiburg

"An outstandingly well structured, clearly written, and practice-oriented overview of corruption in development work. Cremer shows how to handle the challenges."—Carel Mohn, Transparency International


Although corruption has always been a quietly recognized aspect of development aid programs, the taboo against openly discussing it is only now being widely overcome. Georg Cremer systematically addresses the subject, exploring the nature and impact of corruption, the conditions under which it is most likely to take hold, and the strategies that can enable aid organizations, both NGOs and those in the state sector, to limit the risk.


Georg Cremer is secretary general of Caritas Germany and associate professor of economics at the University of Freiburg. He has been extensively involved with aid programs in both Asia and eastern Europe.


  • Corruption in Development Aid: From Taboo to Political Action.
  • What Is Corruption?
  • How Useful Is Corruption?
  • Corruption in Development Projects.
  • What Does Corruption Cost?
  • Corruption Control as a Global Responsibility.
  • Is Corruption Control a Lost Cause?
  • The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations.
  • Barriers to Information in Development Work.
  • The Pressure to Spend "Development Dollars."
  • Corruption in Project Work: An Analysis of Weakness.
  • Confronting the Challenges.
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