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Crafting EU Security Policy: In Pursuit of a European Identity

Stephanie B. Anderson
Crafting EU Security Policy: In Pursuit of a European Identity
ISBN: 978-1-58826-582-1
2008/235 pages/LC: 2007040339

"Present[s] an engaging argument that illustrates the utility of empirical constructivist research. This interesting and provocative book is well-researched and written in an accessible manner.... Highly recommended."—Francesco Ortoleva, Millennium

"A welcome contribution to the academic debate on the origins of ESDP.... Should be read by all those who seek a new perspective on the fundamentals of ESDP and new ideas on the role of security and defence in European integration."—Benjamin Kienzle, Journal of Common Market Studies

"This well written, comprehensive book examines how and why the EU designed and developed a European Security and Defense Policy.... Gives a solid overview of present difficulties facing ESDP."—Choice

"If you are looking for one book on the topic of EU security cooperation, this should be your choice.... Anderson provides new insights regarding ESDP's progress to date, and its future as a contributing factor in the construction of European identity."—Douglas Stuart, Dickinson College

"Going beyond many earlier works on the subject, Anderson offers a theoretical framework for understanding EU security and defense policy.... This is an excellent book for scholars and students interested in the European Union and its development."—Gale A. Mattox, US Naval Academy


In the absence of external security threats—and especially given that most of the EU member states are also members of NATO—what explains the European Union's commitment to a distinct, common security policy? What justifies channeling funds from cash-strapped European governments to finance that policy? 

Ranging from the early post -Cold War years to the present, Stephanie Anderson explores the arguably surprising motivation behind the EU's security and defense policy, how the ESDP has developed, how it has transformed the EU, and how it might further the European integration project.


Stephanie B. Anderson is associate professor of political science at the University of Wyoming.


  • The Paradox of the European Security and Defense Policy.
  • Why the EU Needs the ESDP: Contending Explanations.
  • Nation Building and the ESDP.
  • The Role of the United States.
  • Politicians and the ESDP: Explaining the Rhetoric.
  • The ESDP's Institutional Structure.
  • Security Policy and the Future of the European Union.